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About Us

Truth Brokers


Licensed, armed, private investigation that will uncover the truth when you need it most.  People have said that if they had only known the facts, they would never have 'hired', 'rented to', or 'gone into business with' someone.  If you had known the truth, you might never have dated, married, or trusted someone with your children, money, or property.  To that end, I strive to provide the most up-to-date and legitimate information about criminal history, business dealings, associates, and location.

Fact Finders


Knowing the truth is essential to any critical decision you must make, whether hiring employees and child care providers, or vetting a business that offers a specific service.  This is imperative if you are in the midst of a legal battle, whether it be a civil, criminal, or domestic matter.  Crucial information is often hidden or, unfortunately, never sought.  Intend to trust, but first verify.  That's what we can do for you.

Evidence Seekers


Dalrymple Investigations, PLLC is a licensed, bonded, private investigation service specializing in criminal defense investigations and background checks.  We seek out and verify information to provide clients with a solid basis of truth for decision making and litigation.  

Tenacious fact-finding will uncover the hard evidence you need to make informed decisions . 

  We shine the light on the truth and reveal the information you need.  If you are an attorney, you know that solid evidence is the key to a successful case.

We have access to the largest information databases available.  If it exists, we will find it.  If it happened, we can document it.

If you are trying to determine a person's character, background, assets, or location, I can help. I also offer fast and reliable process service and court delivery in Thurston, Mason, Lewis, Pierce, and King counties.

Experienced and tenacious.


I provide more than twenty years of legal and investigative experience and a firm commitment to persist in finding whatever information you seek including, but not limited to: criminal defense investigations, litigation support, child custody investigations, asset searches, criminal background searches, birth parent searches, and collection support.

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